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Iclock 700/Iclock 880/Iclock 680/ Iclock 660


Iclock 700/Iclock 880/Iclock 680/ Iclock 660 time attendance and access control terminal adopts ZKSoftware latest ZEM600 platform with ZKFinger 10.0 fingerprint algorithm to improve identification speed. It can manage 10000 templates within 1.5 second (I: N   identification). Iclock 700/Iclock 880/Iclock 680/ Iclock 660 features ZK’s high performance, high image quality optical fingerprint sensor. The patented optical sensor is resistant to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic Shock.

Because of the common development platform, existing customer will be able to use Iclock 700/Iclock 880/Iclock 680/ Iclock 660 and co-exist with any existing ZK readers without re-enrolling the users. The Iclock 700/Iclock 880/Iclock 680/ Iclock 660 can be used in multi factor authentication that supports fingerprint, password, Proximity and Smart card. It also has an option for Wi-Fi and GPRS connectivity.


The Iclock 700/Iclock 880/Iclock 680/ Iclock 660 has camera and 3.5” color TFT-LCD display, so it can display the individual graphical interfaces and personnel color photos. It comes standard with TCP/IP, RS-232/485, USB-host, USB-client, 8 functions keys, T9 input method, backup battery and has access control connectivity for Wigand-in, Wigand-out, Door lock connection, Alarm, Bell, Remote to Exit switch.


3.5'' TFT screen support different Multimedia formats.
Internal Camera and Photo-ID support the user's photo display and make T&A application more visible and reliable.
Time & Attendance
Built-in backup battery protects data.
Storage Capacity: Store up to 8,000 templates (1: N) and 200,000 records.
More practical functions such as SMS, T9 input, Work-code enable user-friendly.
Offer a wide selection in authentication mode and easy security system upgrade with combination of fingerprint, password and ID/MIFARE/HID card.
Access Control
Monitor employee's movement at any time. Provide extra security with 50 time zone, user grouping, and professional unlocking combination function, easy integration with door lock system.
Versatile interface options including RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB Host, USB Client, Optional WIFI and GPRS


Fingerprint Capacity
8000 templates
Transaction Capacity
ZK Optical Sensor
Algorithm Version
ZK Finger v10.0
RS232/485, TCP/IP,  USB-host
Access Control Interface for
Lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm, Door Bell, Anti-pass back
Standard Functions
Workcode, SMS, DLST, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service Query, Automatic Status Switch, T9 input, photo-ID, Web server, Camera, built-in battery
Optional Functions
ID/Mifare/HID, printer, soap, WIFI,GPRS,RIS
3.5 inches TFT Screen
Power Supply
12V DC 3A
Operating Temperature
0 ?- 45 ?
Operating Humidity
225x165.5x50 mm H*W*D
Wiegand Signal
Input & Output
Gross Weight
2.05 kg

Connection Diagram:

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